👋 Hello, I am Adam Maddox

Co-Founder and former Head of Product Invoice Simple, acquired 2020. Currently working on villa restoration @ourcoastalvilla


My Story

I started out in Auckland with studies in Mechanical Engineering and then Electronics and Computer Science. Then onto a consulting role at IBM where I helped create an early touch screen app for the AirNZ self checkin kiosk, gaining experience in project management and software development.

Next was a move to London and creating Ruby/Rails apps and services in Notting Hill. A notable creation was a Ruby AWS music file transcoder for a UK digital music provider. Then a move to Vancouver, where I joined Live Current Media and worked on scaling high traffic Rails sites as a Director of Engineering.

In 2010 I founded an App Development shop in Gastown which became popular for "Making Amazing Apps". This provided the connections which lead to helping build and grow Invoice Simple and in 2020, an acquisition.

Building, growing and selling an internet product, was a key life goal. With that achieved I'm now looking to expand my experience and knowledge in Product Led Growth, Product Strategy and Product Management Leadership.