👋 Hello, I am Adam Maddox

Co-Founder and former Head of Product Invoice Simple, acquired 2020. Currently building a world class Product Team at Matomo



I love making things on the internet and solving problems at scale. I'm an optimist, I believe that anything is possible with a combination of persistance and creativity. I started as an engineer writing code, I now work on strategy and build world class product teams.


Helping create and grow InvoiceSimple.com. Bootstrapped to 400k subscribers who invoice $6.5B/month, and process $4M/day in payments. Notably in 2018 we were recognised as one of the fastest growing Canadian startups.

It was a highly rewarding journey from the first commit on the Invoice Simple web app, to each growth and scaling milestone. In 2020, our company was acquired by EverCommerce and I agreed to stay on as Head of Product. With new resources, support and expectations I set about building a world class product team. Scaling our product function and creating data and research teams to empower each Product Manager to do their best work.

Above all, coaching is the best part of being product leadership. Building the relationships and trust required to create a unique path to improvement and seeing the results is very rewarding. The product team achieved remarkable results in 2022; including 3x payments revenue, 2.7x MRR, and 2.2x subscriber growth.